Welcome to Donegal, where the kettle is always on the boil.


The Famine Village is situated on the edge of the Wild Atlantic. It tells the story of families living here on the edge of Ireland and surviving from the famine times until today. Being remote and isolated, made this a hard place to live, but these people adapted and survived. By visiting you can learn,by seeing, touching and tasting how these people lived.


Donegal in 1927 was the worst county in Ireland for poteenmaking. In 1928 the Guards made 116 detections in Donegal and of these no less than 97 related to Inishowen, with most coming from the Clonmany area.
For the visitor to the Famine village they can here the details of how this forbidden enterprise managed to evade the authorities and survive for so long a period. And for those of you who are brave enough, they can taste a sample of Poteen.


For the months of November and December the village is transformed into Santa’s Village / Lapland.  Shows take place during the darkness of the evening’s for lighting effects. It all starts with Santa arriving down the chimney meeting the children and then moving out into the village which includes, the toy factory, post office, the home of Mrs Clause, Santa’s Warehouse, this is where children pick out present they would like.
Then, you enter the dolls house, a different world, includes a train station, Santa’s Castle, the reindeer, the sleight and much more. Let the Magic Of Christmas Live in The Hearts of Children!!